The Gallows – South End Pub

1395 Washington St. Boston, MA 02118 (617) 425.0200

*In the South End, on Washington St, about the intersection of Monsignor Reynolds Way

Seth & Ren + John & Makeda

  • –Drinks–
  • Old Hickory20130320_210837
  • Wildfire
  • Slice of Life
  • Murdered Manhattan
  • Unita Hops Notch beer (x3)
  • Coffee
  • –Plates–
  • Cod Fritters
  • Lamb Rillette
  • Duck Belly Tacos (!)
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Colcannon (mashed potatoes, pork belly, and kale)
  • Clover burger
  • Southern Comfort pulled pork burger
  • Hangtown burger
  • –Dessert–
  • Free mini ice cream cones
  • $163.71 w/tax ($64 in Drinks)

Price/Person: $15-25 w/ Drinks: $20-40

Seth: **I apologize as I write this about six weeks after we ate here. Ignore any 20130320_194948discrepancies**   We arrived a little buzzed after out Bully Boy distillery tour with a good appetite. We started with our usual round of cocktails. After a slight hiccup with my first drink that Ren talks about we moved on to cocktails and entrees. The duck belly taco was absolutely delicious. We also got a Rillette and cod fritters for appetizers that were also good. Ren went with two appetizers for her entree, John and Makeda got two different burgers and I had a burger with pulled pork on top of it. I shall continue my stance that beef and pork will always be delicious when paired together! I ate the entire burger as well as tastes of everyone else’s and we found ourselves, for one of the first times in this blog’s history, too full for dessert. We told our waitress we’d pass and take the check. Undeterred, she brought us each back our own mini ice cream cone! Just about one big bite, it was a sweet close to a pretty good meal. My favorite thing: the pork belly taco, Yum!

Ren: A trip to Bully Boy for a liquor tour led us to look for a restaurant in the near vicinity.  I stumbled across the Gallows in my search. The menu looked good and I’d heard it was good from a few people so I thought we’d give it a try. Despite looking a little busy from the20130320_201204 outside we didn’t have to wait to be seated. We started the meal off with a few cocktails. Mine contained rum, cider, and fresh lemon a nice way to look forward to the spring that will soon be arriving. Seth made the mistake of ordering the fat washed whiskey drink believing the fat wash to be a bitters thing alas it was bacon and duck fat which made for a very strange drink. After the drinks we had cod fritters, lamb rillette, and duck belly tacos as our appetizers. The tacos were spectacular, juicy, and flavorful.  The fritters and lamb were pretty tasty and well made. For my entrée I decided to have two sides brussle sprouts, and the colcannon. The colcannon was the best of the two with more flavor though the potatoes were a little soupy. The brussle sprouts were ok but a little under-cooked  Everyone else had a burger which were very tasty and juicy. I finished my meal with a cup of coffee and after deciding their one dessert wasn’t for us our waitresses treated us two mini soft serve cones which were thoughtful and delicious. As a side note the menu this evening was Irish themed due to St. Patrick’s Day, I think I would like to return sometimes when they have their regular menu. All-in-all this place is worth a visit especially if you’re in to burgers which seem to be what they do best. Next time I’ll stick to meat dishes though not meat washed drinks. My favorite thing: the amazing flavorful 20130320_194936tacos!

Food: Seth 7.5 Ren 7 Food Average 7.25 Pretty decent elevated pub food. It seems their specialty are the burgers which they executed well

Service: Seth 8.5 Ren 8.5 The waitress was attentive and helpful. She took back the funky cocktail and suggested a new one. Also the free mini cones were pretty cool

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 7.5 Ren 8 A neatly decorated pub. Some interesting stuff on the walls and a good layout.

Total Average: 7.833 If you’re in the area and wanting a good beer and cocktail, go check it out. Some good food and excellent service


Russell House Tavern – New American

14 JFK St. Cambridge, MA 02138 (617) 500.3055

*In Harvard Sq. near the intersection of Brattle St and JFK St

Seth & Ren, +2 guests

  • –Drinks–
  • Always Sunny cocktail20130223_174513
  • My Triumphs cocktail
  • Burgundy Nights cocktail
  • Fratelli Sling
  • Pretty Things Ale
  • Racer 5
  • Irish coffee
  • –Plates–
  • Oysters (x9)
  • Braised Beef Tongue Meatballs
  • Roasted Bone Marrow
  • Steak Tartare w/ Toasted Caper Brioche and a Quail Egg Yolk
  • Small Dirty Caesar salad
  • Shredded Lamb’s Tongue Pizza w/ Preserved Lemon, Mint, Capers, Sardinian Cheese
  • Crispy Pork Belly sandwich w/ Green Curry Aioli, Pickled Carrots & Jalapenos, Mint, Cilantro, Basil Leaves
  • 16oz. 40 Day Aged Bone In NY Strip w/ Harvard Beets, Marrow Butter, Crushed Fingerlings
  • Berkshire Pork Trio w/ Herb-Grilled Loin, Confit Belly and Smoked Shoulder with Anson Mills Grits and Sauce Vinegar
  • –Desserts–
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding
  • $231.66 w/ tax ($66 in Drinks)

Seth: After finding out about this place from an experience with the chef we made reservations and took the Red line out to Cambridge. We were sat immediately at a round 20130223_181408table for four. We ordered our cursory first round of drinks and started picking our appetizers to share. We split the steak tartare, roasted bone marrow and beef tongue meatballs. Ever since Cragie on the Main I’m a fan of the marrow. On a nice toast it was rich and a great start. Ren, Makeda and I split 9 oysters and we ordered our entrees. I went with the Crispy Pork Belly sandwich as I don’t think I could have really chosen anything else. I wasn’t disappointed as the aoili and pickled veggies made for something incredible. John’s streak was as an aged steak should be. Cooked nicely too. Makeda’s lamb tongue pizza had a richness to it that was enjoyable and finally Ren’s pork trio was excellent. The confit belly and smoked shoulder were especially well done. After the first cocktail, I followed up with a delicious Pretty Things beer and we ordered one dessert to split. The pudding was ok but not really what we were expecting. We took our time here, the waitress great a fantastic job and we had one of our better meals in a while. Well worth a visit. My favorite thing: my pork belly sandwich

Ren: An excursion the previous week filled with delicious lamb at the Lamb Jam in the Charles Hotel lead us to discover the Russell House Tavern; the winner of the evening. Thus we decided to venture there this week for our blog night. It was an excellent discovery. I started the evening of with a ferenet cocktail to prepare my stomach. Then for20130223_183559 our appetizers we ordered steak tartar, bone marrow, caesar salad, and beef tongue meatballs. Our waitress also brought us the deep-fried broiled eggs. Everything was incredible and well prepared especially the meatballs which melted in my mouth and were deliciously cheesy. For my entrée I ordered the pork three ways which was shoulder, loin, and confit belly over grits topped with arugula. It was truly amazing one of the best dishes I have had in a while. The best part was the confit belly which had a slight crisp on the outside and tender melt in your mouth center. The grits were a perfect pair that acted like a sauce. The only defect in my eyes was the pile of arugula on the top of the dish which I thought should have been more of a garnish the a salad on top of the dish. The steak John ordered was well cooked and tender, Seth’s sandwich was juicy and flavorful, and Makeda’s pizza I though lacked flavor dynamic but was still good.  We finished the evening with a toffee pudding which was ok but more like a bread pudding and not exactly what we expected. I also had a Irish coffee which is my favorite finish way to an evening. My favorite thing: The incredible pork belly confit was truly out if this world. Russell House Tavern is really worth a visit

Food: Seth 8.5 Ren 8.5 Food Average: 8.5 *Certified Dericious* Great meal all around with original uses of ingredients and attention to detail

20130223_183606Service: Seth 8.5 Ren 8.5 Our waitress made good recommendations, she brought us a free plate when she notice how much we enjoyed the others, and our napkins were folded when we left our seats. Great Service

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 8 Ren 8 There’s the ground level bar then the dining area is one floor down. A little darker there with a nice atmosphere. Nice place for a first date or friends gathering

Total Average: 8.333 Tasty food, nice place, good service. Next time you’re in Harvard Sq check this place out.

One bad thing: Perhaps the misstep with the dessert


400 Highland Ave. Somerville, MA 02144 (617) 764.1655

*On the corner of Grove St. and Highland Ave.

Seth & Ren, +2 guests

  • –Drinks–
  • Tea
  • Harpoon Coffee Porter
  • Stone IPA
  • Julius Dunkel
  • Bear Republic Heritage
  • –Plates–
  • Baby Bok Choy
  • Drunken Wings: tequila, chile, beer marinated, lime and salt
  • Two Tacos: Tuna & Pork Belly
  • K.F.Cornish Guinea Hen x2 : with jalapeno cheddar mashed potatoes, pork belly spiked mac and cheese
  • Duck Three Ways : hoisin marinated duck breast, chicken fried duck leg, confit duck thigh spring roll, garlic Chinese broccoli, baby carrots
  • Roasted Chicken: 1/2 chicken, mashed potatoes and mesclun salad
  • –Dessert–
  • Nutella Banana
  • $139.58 w/tax ($31 in Drinks)

Average Price/Person: $15-25 w/ Drinks: $20-40


Guest (John): I heard good things about Five Horses from a few friends so I decided to suggest it for a blog review visit. Over all I was slightly disappointing after the exceedingly high reviews. It was decent for bar food but lacked the depth my spoiled taste buds were craving. (This was due to a recent visit to Menton). The drunken wings were a bit limey, the


tuna taco was underwhelming, however I thought the pork belly taco had the best flavor combinations of the night. The cornish hen was cooked very well but lacked seasoning.

The mac and cheese was good but a bit overwhelming in richness and became too much after a few bites. The mashed potatoes weren’t as flavorful as I expected despite the cheese and jalapenos mixed in. The dessert was average. If you’re looking for slightly upscale pub food with a twist I might recommend this place. They had some really great ideas but might need to work a bit on the execution. My favorite thing: The pork belly taco.

Ren: This week we headed corralled the gang and headed over to Five Horses Tavern near Davis square. The atmosphere walking into the restaurant was welcoming and cozy and we were immediately shown to a table. Though I wish it had been one of the comfy looking leather booths. I was told ahead of time that the pork belly taco was a must have. So we commenced the meal with a pork belly taco, tuna taco, baby bok choy in a oneevinaigrette sauce, and an order of the drunken wings.

The pork belly taco was all I hoped it would be with crisp shell to the pork and tender succulent inside. Everything else was good though I thought they could have dialed down the lime on the wings as it overwhelmed the flavor a bit. I chased down the appetizers with a delicious Julius Dunkel an excellent Belgian beer with a good balance of hop and smoothness.

Our entrees came shortly after the appetizers. I ordered the duck three ways which consisted of a duck spring roll, battered fried duck drum, and sliced duck breast. The veggies were well prepared, the drum was very tender and the spring roll was quite tasty. I was however a little disappointed by the slight dryness of the duck breast. The mashed potatoes on Makeda’s plate was very tasty and the pork belly mac and cheese on John and Seth’s plates was definitely one of the stars of the night with its cheesy rich glory; though maybe a little over rich. Though we were quite full at the end we deemed in necessary to sample one of the dessert on the menu for the sake of the blog. We went with the nutella and banana on brioche, crust cut off and a raspberry dipping sauce. It was delightful but simple and reminded me off all the times I sat down with a banana and a jar of nutella for a snack. All in all it was a good evening. I would recommend Five Horses to anyone looking to hang with friends at a bar with decent food, at decent prices, and a decent beer selection. My favorite thing: The wonderfully executed delicious pork belly taco.


Food: John 6.5 Ren 7.5 Food Average: 7 Some tasty above average bar food with a decent beer selection. Food was creative.

Service: John 6.5 Ren 7.5 Fairly attentive server. Everything was satisfactory.

Decor/Atmosphere: John 7 Ren 8 Relaxed atmosphere with attractive decor and cozy leather booths. Good place to hang out with friends for a laid back and friendly evening.

Total Average:   7.167

One bad thing: Everything was fairly satisfactory if there had to be one complaint it would be the lack of napkins on the table when dessert arrived.

Tres Gatos – Local Tapas

 470 Centre St. Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 (617) 477-4851

*In Jamaica Plain, near the intersections of S. Huntington and Centre St

Seth & Ren

  • –Drinks–
  • Bottle of Juan Rojo Tempranillo wine 2006
  • –Plates–
  • Charcuterie plate w/ Lomo Serrano pork, Tetilla cow’s milk cheese, and Valdeón goat’s milk blue cheese
  • Albóndigas (chorizo-spiced pork meatballs, saffron cream, chimichurri)
  • Heritage Pork Belly w/ turnip puree, pork jus, harissa spices
  • Grilled Lamb’s tongue (!) w/ Four Star Farms’ grits, 6-minute egg, turmeric
  • Grilled Bavette Steak w/  charred radicchio, Cabrales blue cheese, and Spanish cider
  • Extra Grilled bread
  • –Dessert–
  • Churros and chocolate
  • $139.10 w/ tax ($59.00 in Drinks)

Ave Price/Person: $25-45 w/ Drinks: $30-70

Seth: Love this new local joint. They just recently celebrated their one year and this is probably my fifth trip here. It was just Ren and I this week and we were looking forward to delicious small plates and a good bottle of wine. We arrived a few minutes after our 8pm reservation (which are recommended, especially weekends) and were promptly sat near the window at a high-top. We looked over the menu, as it changes every couple of months and saw some old favorites and a few new things. We discussed the wine list among ourselves and with the waitress and settled on a nice bottle of red Tempranillo. It had an excellent richness and earthiness to it and paired with the food to follow just right. We ordered a charcuterie plate with two cheeses and four small plates. The cured ham, cow’s cheese, and goat’s blue cheese came with little pieces of bread and some raw honey. They were all very nice with the blue cheese stealing the show. Next came the Albóndigas: a nice little meatball with a saffron cream and a chimichurri. After that was the pork belly sitting on a turnip puree. Pork belly is one of my favorite things ever and each time is different. This version is a little meatier and firmer than others but no less delicious. The skin on top was crispy and the fat, flavorful and melted in my mouth. Then it was the grilled lamb’s tongue with grits and a 6-minute egg. I’ve had cow’s tongue before and the texture has been distracting but the tenderness was perfect with this. It is a particular flavor in itself but with the grits and eggs in one bite the overall flavor was really, really good. Still a little hungry at this point we added some more grilled toast and the grilled Bavette steak. Cooked really well and accompanied with a very strong flavored radicchio a little blue cheese and some cider. This was just enough food but we can’t do without a dessert. Ren snuck in an order of Churros and melted chocolate. A great little Spanish dessert capped of an awesome dinner with a sweet finish. If you live within travel distance and haven’t been here yet, you really need to. My favorite thing: The pork belly

Ren:  To fill our hungry bellies we didn’t need to travel far; for just a stones throw away three cats awaited to meet our every foodie desire. Tres Gatos of Jamaica Plain gladly hosted me and Seth this week. It was my fourth visit here and most certainly won’t be my last. I definitely suggest this place for a romantic night or a social gathering. It has a cozy atmosphere, small dining room, eclectic art, and even a book store in the back. Our host for the evening was a familiar face and had been our waitress on our last two visits. She started off our evening with an excellent wine suggestion that was creamy, full flavored, and paired superbly to our meal. Next we had several choices from the charcuterie my favorite being the flavorful Valdeon goats milk cheese. After the charcuterie we journeyed through Spain in flavor with pork belly, chorizo, lamb tongue, and tender bavette steak. All were simply fabulous and noteworthy. It was my first experience with lamb tongue and won’t be my last. It was extremely tender with a very interesting texture. At the end when Seth ducked away I snuck in a tasty treat of churros and melted chocolate. All in all one of my favorite restaurants to visit and my only complaint would be that I’d like to see our plates for eating changed at least once during the meal. My favorite thing: The surprisingly textured lamb tongue

Food: Seth 8.5 Ren 8.5 Food Ave: 8.5 *Certified Dericious* Delicious, ever-changing, original small plates. Great wine selection.

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 8 Ren 8 Very cute little place. Really nice decor and has a hidden gem with a little well-kept book and music store in the back

Service: Seth 8 Ren 8 Nice service with good wine recommendations and is attentive and  friendly. Would have liked our extra plates changed, but not a big thing

Total Average: 8.167 Love this little local place and have never failed to be impressed. Awesome food, great service and a warm and welcoming spot.

One bad thing: The extra plates being left too long

**EDITORS NOTE** Starting after this review we will temporarily be moving to a bi-weekly format. This may last a few months and we’ll keep you updated. Some of the off weeks we will be cooking special recipes and may include a blurb about them on here. Thanks for following us so far and hope you continue to enjoy and Eat Well!

Highland Kitchen – Southern Twist

150 Highland Ave. Somerville, MA 02143 (617) 625-1131

*At the intersection of Highland Ave and Central St, few blocks from Porter Sq

Seth & Ren, +2 guests

  • –Drinks–
  •  Mai Tai Dragon x5
  • Seelbach (Makers Mark cocktail)
  • Highland Fling (Gin cocktail)
  • BBC Coffeehouse Porter
  • Coffee x2
  • –Plates–
  • Pork Belly duck confit with hoisen sauce (!!!)
  • Smoked Bluefish cakes
  • Ricotta & Mozzarella Fritters
  • Handmade Potato Gnocchi w/ shortrib ragout and parmesan
  • Mussels (Returned and removed from the bill)
  • Spicy Jambalaya w/ duck confit, shrimp, andouille sausage, tasso ham and cornbread
  • English Style Beer Battered Fish & Chips
  • Fried Chicken w/ mash and collard greens (Monday Special)
  • –Dessert–
  • Warm Banana Bread Pudding
  • Beignets (a french donut of sorts) w/ cinnamon and sugar (FREE)
  • $171.05 w/ tax ($63.00 in Drinks)

Ave Price/Person: $18-25 w/ Drinks: $25-45

Seth: I’ve been here a few times before and have always loved it. A friend introduced me to this place a few years ago and when another spot we were going to wasn’t going to work this week, this was the next place on my mind. The wait was about twenty minutes but some bar seats opened as we walked in, so we sat for a pre-dinner round of drinks. I knew from before that the Dragon Mai Tai was the way to go. After sharing a sip of mine, everyone else’s second round of drinks were the Mai Tai. We were sat pretty quickly after that. For appetizers, we started with the Pork belly duck confit, smoked bluefish cakes and the ricotta & mozzarella fritters. The pork belly was smoky and amazing with the hoisen sauce. As you may be beginning to learn, pork belly is one of my favorite appetizers EVER! The bluefish cakes were really nicely done and came with an interesting sweet & sour sauce. The fritters were really light, crispy and tasty. For my entrée I got the Monday special: the Fried chicken! The chicken was moist and the batter light and crisp with a slight heat to it. The collard greens were done just right and accompanied nicely with the mashed potatoes and gravy. I had bites of everyone else’s dishes as well. The fried fish was done just right without too much breading. I really like the coleslaw that came with it too. The jambalaya was full of meat, from scrumptious duck confit to nicely cooked shrimp. I had a couple bites of the potato gnocchi and wish I could have had more! It was soft and tasty and the short-rib ragout was awesome. I loved my chicken choice but was a little jealous of Ren’s gnocchi. We also ordered the mussels but unfortunately it was a bad batch and we had to send them back. The waitress and manager were very accompanying with us though. We demolished the food in short order. Which is a little change; we often have a few leftovers. We decided to close out with a dessert and a couple of coffees. We often order bread pudding if a place has it and this one had a banana bread version that was sweet and divine. A couple of minutes into dessert and the manager came back with a free dessert! A french beignets with cinnamon and sugar. Maybe it’s that free is always more tasty but they were really good. Our stomachs quite full, we left sated and satisfied. My favorite thing: The pork belly confit w/ hoisen sauce.

Ren: I’m adding to our dining tails a story mixed with utter bliss and just a pinch of woe by recalling our experience at Highland Kitchen. We were here just one time prior to starting our blog and our previous experience left us excited to return. Even on a Monday night we were told that our wait would be about 25 minutes so we headed over to the bar for pre dinner cocktails. I chose a variation on Highland Fling which was quite refreshing and prepared my palate for the tastes to follow. After a minute of near excitable discussion we were finally able to narrow our appetizers down pork belly, ricotta & mozzarella fritters, and bluefish cakes. The pork belly was succulent with a touch of crisp which was a nice surprise and twist on a dish that is usually described as juicy and tender. The other two apps were simple exquisite delights both flavorful and tender with the perfect amount of breading and cooking time. I ordered the gnocchi with short rib ragout and mussels for my entrée. Unfortunately the mussels had long past reached their prime and I alerted my server who was quick to take it away. A short minute later the manager eagerly rushed to my table to rescue the situation. In short: I had no time to be frustrated and was very pleased by how attentively they dealt with the situation that could have turned ugly. I was very satisfied with my very tender gnocchi and filled the cracks in my stomach with  bites from all my cohorts flavorful dishes. We finished the meal with superb bread pudding, a cup of coffee, and complimentary beignets which tasted a bit like mini fried dough. My favorite thing: The pork belly!

Food: Seth 8.5 Ren 8.5 Food Ave: 8.5 *Certified Dericious* Such good food, all with a hint of southern flair. Nice local food joint with Daily Specials

Service: Seth 8.5 Ren 9  Great service. When the mussels were bad, the manager came over to apologize, took them off the bill and later gave us a free dessert! Our server was good and attentive as well

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 8 Ren 7.5  Cute place with really neat light fixtures. A blend of old school, a little southern and some hipster for good measure

Total Average: 8.333 Great food, great drinks, great service. With this comes a wait at dinner time, but it’s worth it.

One bad thing: The mussels

Deep Ellum – Drink Den

477 Cambridge St. Allston, MA 02134 (617) 787-2337

*In Union Sq. in Allston, near the intersection of Cambridge St and Brighton Ave.

Seth & Ren, +3 guests

  • –Drinks–
  • Orval (Abbey Pale Ale)
  • Hot Old Fashioned
  • Jack D’or
  • Beer of the Gods
  • Black Market (Gin cocktail)
  • Barrel Aged Cocktail
  • Flagraiser (IPA)
  • Blood and Sand
  • Irish coffee w/ Baileys
  • –Plates–
  • Truffeled Gorgonzola Fries
  • Root Beer Braised Pork Belly w/ parsnip puree and apple-fennel slaw
  • Fried Calamari
  • Coffee Braised Lamb Shank w/ aged cheddar polenta, mustard greens, and toasted pistachios x3
  • Chicken Schnitzel w/ braised red cabbage and apples, and fingerling potatoes
  • French Onion Soup
  • –Dessert–
  • Caramel Eggnog Cream Tart x2
  • $217.86 w/ tax ($80 in Drinks)

Seth: As you all know, I love beer. And in a place a bit like the Publick House, this one has a great selection. There’s also quite a few classic and newer cocktails and a great little menu. The three appetizers were all delicious. From the truffle oil Gorgonzola fries (which is just one of the 4 varieties they have) to the delicious(!) root beer braised pork belly and the crispy, well cooked Calamari. Also, that apple-fennel slaw that came with the pork belly was bright and delicious. For the entrees, three of us we too excited about the lamb to not order a few other things. It ended up, we probably should have. The lamb was cooked well, but the sauce used was either not executed properly or it needs some change. I wanted it to be better but it just wasn’t quite there. On top of that the mustard greens were not good. I did get a bite of the french onion soup, which was really good. Also, I snuck a piece of the chicken schnitzel, which was really nicely done with great flavor. We closed out the dinner with a caramel egg nog cream dish that was a good finish. I like this place. I think the drink selection alone is enough to come back for. A great place for a drink and a snack. Especially once that back deck opens back up this spring. My favorite thing: Of course the  pork belly!

Ren: This weeks dining escapades brought us back to Deep Ellum; a restaurant that was high on our must return to list because of an extraordinary dish we had there ( a confit pork belly on a bed of corn grits). To our dismay it was no longer on the menu; however we enjoyed our previous experience enough to add it to our blogging adventures. I’ll have to say right off the bat I will only return when the patio is open again. While being a cozy atmosphere I think I much preferred to sit on there patio where it is a little less cramped. My first drink, The Hornets Nest, I wasn’t particularly pleased with as it mostly tasted like watered wiskey with a touch of bitters. I don’t like to return drinks ever as I feel once you have ordered it, it’s your; however I really wanted to enjoy this dining experience and I was fortunate that the manager was more attentive than our server and allowed me to order a new drink, The Black Market, which was a much better executed drink. I would have liked to see the server ask me if I like the new drink, but the question was never asked. The appetizers that followed were probably my favorite part of the meal: fried calamari, root beer braised pork belly on a parsnip and fennel salad, and gorgonzola truffle fries. The pork belly is prepared excellently; juicy and tender with a crispy top makes for a dish that is simply to die for and my reason for ever returning to Deep Ellum (as well as there truffle fries). I split the french onion soup and coffee braised lamb shank for dinner. Both were delicious but could have been better. The soup needed more cheese and the lamb dish just wasn’t quite tender enough and didn’t taste enough like coffee; not to mention the mustard greens on the plate were too salty and over cooked. It was a decent enough experience but I as I said I probably won’t come back until there patio is open again. My favorite thing: The pork belly!

Ave Price/Person: $15-30 w/ Drinks: $25-45

Food: Seth 7.5 Ren 7 Food Ave: 7.25 Very good appetizers, a little disappointed with the Lamb Shank and the mustard greens.

Service: Seth 7.5 Ren 7 Good service. Made a few recommendations

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 8 Ren 7.5 Nice little bar. A lot of dark wood. The lighting was fairly dim. Though not open now for the winter, there is an awesome little know back deck that is perfect on a summer day.

Total: 7.416 Great beer list, good cocktails and some good food options.

One bad thing: The mustard greens were just bad. Overcooked and not properly cleaned