The Gallows – South End Pub

1395 Washington St. Boston, MA 02118 (617) 425.0200

*In the South End, on Washington St, about the intersection of Monsignor Reynolds Way

Seth & Ren + John & Makeda

  • –Drinks–
  • Old Hickory20130320_210837
  • Wildfire
  • Slice of Life
  • Murdered Manhattan
  • Unita Hops Notch beer (x3)
  • Coffee
  • –Plates–
  • Cod Fritters
  • Lamb Rillette
  • Duck Belly Tacos (!)
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Colcannon (mashed potatoes, pork belly, and kale)
  • Clover burger
  • Southern Comfort pulled pork burger
  • Hangtown burger
  • –Dessert–
  • Free mini ice cream cones
  • $163.71 w/tax ($64 in Drinks)

Price/Person: $15-25 w/ Drinks: $20-40

Seth: **I apologize as I write this about six weeks after we ate here. Ignore any 20130320_194948discrepancies**   We arrived a little buzzed after out Bully Boy distillery tour with a good appetite. We started with our usual round of cocktails. After a slight hiccup with my first drink that Ren talks about we moved on to cocktails and entrees. The duck belly taco was absolutely delicious. We also got a Rillette and cod fritters for appetizers that were also good. Ren went with two appetizers for her entree, John and Makeda got two different burgers and I had a burger with pulled pork on top of it. I shall continue my stance that beef and pork will always be delicious when paired together! I ate the entire burger as well as tastes of everyone else’s and we found ourselves, for one of the first times in this blog’s history, too full for dessert. We told our waitress we’d pass and take the check. Undeterred, she brought us each back our own mini ice cream cone! Just about one big bite, it was a sweet close to a pretty good meal. My favorite thing: the pork belly taco, Yum!

Ren: A trip to Bully Boy for a liquor tour led us to look for a restaurant in the near vicinity.  I stumbled across the Gallows in my search. The menu looked good and I’d heard it was good from a few people so I thought we’d give it a try. Despite looking a little busy from the20130320_201204 outside we didn’t have to wait to be seated. We started the meal off with a few cocktails. Mine contained rum, cider, and fresh lemon a nice way to look forward to the spring that will soon be arriving. Seth made the mistake of ordering the fat washed whiskey drink believing the fat wash to be a bitters thing alas it was bacon and duck fat which made for a very strange drink. After the drinks we had cod fritters, lamb rillette, and duck belly tacos as our appetizers. The tacos were spectacular, juicy, and flavorful.  The fritters and lamb were pretty tasty and well made. For my entrée I decided to have two sides brussle sprouts, and the colcannon. The colcannon was the best of the two with more flavor though the potatoes were a little soupy. The brussle sprouts were ok but a little under-cooked  Everyone else had a burger which were very tasty and juicy. I finished my meal with a cup of coffee and after deciding their one dessert wasn’t for us our waitresses treated us two mini soft serve cones which were thoughtful and delicious. As a side note the menu this evening was Irish themed due to St. Patrick’s Day, I think I would like to return sometimes when they have their regular menu. All-in-all this place is worth a visit especially if you’re in to burgers which seem to be what they do best. Next time I’ll stick to meat dishes though not meat washed drinks. My favorite thing: the amazing flavorful 20130320_194936tacos!

Food: Seth 7.5 Ren 7 Food Average 7.25 Pretty decent elevated pub food. It seems their specialty are the burgers which they executed well

Service: Seth 8.5 Ren 8.5 The waitress was attentive and helpful. She took back the funky cocktail and suggested a new one. Also the free mini cones were pretty cool

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 7.5 Ren 8 A neatly decorated pub. Some interesting stuff on the walls and a good layout.

Total Average: 7.833 If you’re in the area and wanting a good beer and cocktail, go check it out. Some good food and excellent service



400 Highland Ave. Somerville, MA 02144 (617) 764.1655

*On the corner of Grove St. and Highland Ave.

Seth & Ren, +2 guests

  • –Drinks–
  • Tea
  • Harpoon Coffee Porter
  • Stone IPA
  • Julius Dunkel
  • Bear Republic Heritage
  • –Plates–
  • Baby Bok Choy
  • Drunken Wings: tequila, chile, beer marinated, lime and salt
  • Two Tacos: Tuna & Pork Belly
  • K.F.Cornish Guinea Hen x2 : with jalapeno cheddar mashed potatoes, pork belly spiked mac and cheese
  • Duck Three Ways : hoisin marinated duck breast, chicken fried duck leg, confit duck thigh spring roll, garlic Chinese broccoli, baby carrots
  • Roasted Chicken: 1/2 chicken, mashed potatoes and mesclun salad
  • –Dessert–
  • Nutella Banana
  • $139.58 w/tax ($31 in Drinks)

Average Price/Person: $15-25 w/ Drinks: $20-40


Guest (John): I heard good things about Five Horses from a few friends so I decided to suggest it for a blog review visit. Over all I was slightly disappointing after the exceedingly high reviews. It was decent for bar food but lacked the depth my spoiled taste buds were craving. (This was due to a recent visit to Menton). The drunken wings were a bit limey, the


tuna taco was underwhelming, however I thought the pork belly taco had the best flavor combinations of the night. The cornish hen was cooked very well but lacked seasoning.

The mac and cheese was good but a bit overwhelming in richness and became too much after a few bites. The mashed potatoes weren’t as flavorful as I expected despite the cheese and jalapenos mixed in. The dessert was average. If you’re looking for slightly upscale pub food with a twist I might recommend this place. They had some really great ideas but might need to work a bit on the execution. My favorite thing: The pork belly taco.

Ren: This week we headed corralled the gang and headed over to Five Horses Tavern near Davis square. The atmosphere walking into the restaurant was welcoming and cozy and we were immediately shown to a table. Though I wish it had been one of the comfy looking leather booths. I was told ahead of time that the pork belly taco was a must have. So we commenced the meal with a pork belly taco, tuna taco, baby bok choy in a oneevinaigrette sauce, and an order of the drunken wings.

The pork belly taco was all I hoped it would be with crisp shell to the pork and tender succulent inside. Everything else was good though I thought they could have dialed down the lime on the wings as it overwhelmed the flavor a bit. I chased down the appetizers with a delicious Julius Dunkel an excellent Belgian beer with a good balance of hop and smoothness.

Our entrees came shortly after the appetizers. I ordered the duck three ways which consisted of a duck spring roll, battered fried duck drum, and sliced duck breast. The veggies were well prepared, the drum was very tender and the spring roll was quite tasty. I was however a little disappointed by the slight dryness of the duck breast. The mashed potatoes on Makeda’s plate was very tasty and the pork belly mac and cheese on John and Seth’s plates was definitely one of the stars of the night with its cheesy rich glory; though maybe a little over rich. Though we were quite full at the end we deemed in necessary to sample one of the dessert on the menu for the sake of the blog. We went with the nutella and banana on brioche, crust cut off and a raspberry dipping sauce. It was delightful but simple and reminded me off all the times I sat down with a banana and a jar of nutella for a snack. All in all it was a good evening. I would recommend Five Horses to anyone looking to hang with friends at a bar with decent food, at decent prices, and a decent beer selection. My favorite thing: The wonderfully executed delicious pork belly taco.


Food: John 6.5 Ren 7.5 Food Average: 7 Some tasty above average bar food with a decent beer selection. Food was creative.

Service: John 6.5 Ren 7.5 Fairly attentive server. Everything was satisfactory.

Decor/Atmosphere: John 7 Ren 8 Relaxed atmosphere with attractive decor and cozy leather booths. Good place to hang out with friends for a laid back and friendly evening.

Total Average:   7.167

One bad thing: Everything was fairly satisfactory if there had to be one complaint it would be the lack of napkins on the table when dessert arrived.

Brown Sugar Cafe – My Thai

1033 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA 02215 (617) 787.4242

*On Commonwealth Ave, after Babcock St and before Packards Corner

Seth & Ren, +2 guests

  • –Drinks–
  • Bottle of Domaine Ste. Michelle Brut Sparkling wine
  • Singha beer x3
  • –Plates–
  • Chicken Lollipops: batter fried de-boned chicken wings w/ seasoned ground shrimp, chicken and mushroom stuffing
  • Brown Sugar Spareribs
  • Fresh Rolls w/ House Special Turnip sauce
  • Bird of Paradise: salmon, shrimp, sea scallops, squid, mussels and vegetables in hot & sour broth spiced w/ exotic lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and Thai basil
  • Roast Duck Curry: honey roasted duck in delicious red curry with pineapple chunks, tomatoes, peppers and basil leaves
  • Brown Sugar Duck: glazed with chef’s tangy sauce
  • Pad Thai w/ Duck
  • (I think we got a lot of duck in this one…)
  • –Desserts–
  • Fried Espresso Ice cream
  • $135.52 w/tax ($29.50 in Drinks)

Average Price/Person: $15-25 w/ Drinks: $20-40

Seth: Makeda is a huge Thai fan and had been talking up this place for a little while. When a reservation attempt at a Mediterranean place didn’t work out this was our next choice. We made our way down Comm Ave, into the restaurant and into our seats without a wait. It mostly filled up as dinner went along but it doesn’t appear it’d be a problem in the future. I convinced my dinner companions that starting with a bottle of Champagne was a good idea and we moved right into the appetizers. The stuffed chicken lollipops were an original a tasty idea. The fresh rolls were just that, rolls of bright fresh veggies in a really nice dipping sauce. The Spareribs, I couldn’t turn down and I’m glad we didn’t. Perfectly cooked a with a slightly sweet glaze, they didn’t disappoint. I picked the Duck Curry hoping for a little zing with my favorite poultry option. The entrée was delicious. I agree with Ren with her Pad Thai being top-notch. I’ve always been a fan and this version was really superb. John’s duck was in a fantastic!! sauce and nicely cooked. Makeda’s dish came in a rich flavorful broth that I likened a little to Pho in its complexity. We chatted and ate and snuck in a round of beers before the food was completely gone. Once again, when it’s the four of us, we do not turn away from a dessert, splitting a deep-fried espresso ice cream that closed out the meal quite well. My favorite thing: that sparerib sticks in my memory

Ren: Schedule conflicts lead us to have our first ever Saturday night blog night which also brought a difficulty in making reservations. Thus we ended up at Thai restaurant Brown Sugar were no reservations are necessary and we didn’t have to wait. We started the evenings festivities with a bottle of champagne  an order of spareribs, wings, and Thai rolls.  The ribs fell off the bones, the wings were paired with an excellent sauce, and the rolls were made with fresh veggies. They were brought out one by one which allowed us to enjoy each dish. My entrée of duck pad thai arrived soon after. I would have to say it was the best pad thai I have ever had, which could also be because it was the first duck pad thai I ever had. We finished the evening off with a beer and espresso fried ice cream which was very well executed with the perfect amount of crust. Definitely a must for any Thai food fan, I will be returning for the pad thai. My favorite thing: The flavorful pad thai

Food: Seth 8 Ren 8 Food Average: 8 Tasty Thai food. Original and interesting appetizers. Some great food to check out

Service: Seth 7 Ren 6.5 Very average to a little below service. Not really around when we needed her and a few mistakes

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 8 Ren 8 Nicely done spot, making use of their space. The requisite fish tanks and a really gorgeous tapestry on the wall. Wait till you see their version of Happy Birthday to a guest. Makes all the other ones you’ve ever seen pale in comparison

Total Average: 7.583 Take away the spotty service which may very well be the exception with this spot and you have one of the best Thai places in the city. Go check it out

One bad thing: The service miscues and perhaps John’s under-cooked veggies

East Side Bar & Grille – Italian Seafood

561 Cambridge St. Cambridge, MA 02141 (617) 661-3278

*On the corner of Cambridge St and 7th St.

Seth & Ren, +2 guests

  • –Drinks–
  • Harpoon IPA x2
  • Harpoon Hefeweizen x2
  • –Plates–
  • P.E.I. Mussels sautéed in a chipotle garlic cream sauce
  • Veal Marsala sautéed with fresh mushrooms and prosciutto
  • Shrimp Scampi sautéed in special sauce of wine
  • Shrimp & Scallop Florentine: Sautéed shrimp, scallops and spinach tossed in a pink vodka sauce served over Angel hair pasta
  • Home made Crab cakes: Fresh crab meat mixed with spices and herbs, on fresh sautéed spinach, topped with jumbo shrimp and scallop. With saffron dijon sauce
  • –Dessert–
  • Tiramisu
  • Chocolate Chip Cannoli
  • $117.45 w/ tax ($20.00 in Drinks)

Ave Price/Person: $15-25 w/ Drinks: $20-30

Seth: It’s been a bit since we’ve had Italian or seafood, or been to Cambridge so we put all these together for this weeks spot. A bit of an old school Rat Pack style Italian joint welcomed and we were sat right away. We started with a beer and a chipotle cream sauce Mussels that were a great start. The bread that came we devoured dipping it in the left over sauce. This probably had something to do with not being able to finish but half my entrée later. The service was enthusiastic and the music in homage to Sinatra. We all ordered entrées next. I wanted what’s known as their ‘famous’ steak tips but decided to opt for something I don’t make regularly myself and got the Shrimp and Scallop Florentine. The seafood was cooked well and the sauce was nice. I was a little under-whelmed but it was good. I had bites of Makeda’s crab caked that were meaty and done nicely. Ren’s veal was delicious with a fantastic accompanying sauce. John’s Shrimp scampi had a nice zesty wine butter sauce to it. None of us were able to finish and all had our leftovers bagged. As is tradition though, we can’t very well go with out dessert. We couldn’t quite settle on one so we ordered both the tiramisu and the cannoli. The latter tasted almost of cookie dough and not really in the good way. The tiramisu was really nice and light and far better than our last attempt at Q Restaurant. Ren and I had a second beer in there somewhere and when we were all quite full, we took our leave. My favorite thing: The mussels were a perfect starter

Ren: A little jaunt to the north brought us to East Side Grille where tales of four and half stars teased our appetites and thoughts of Italian proportions settled our decision. We commenced the evening with a few Harpoon drafts and an appetizer of mussels and cream sauce: which was rich and delicious and reminded us of a fondue. The atmosphere was Italian family style with a few paintings of happy couple taking promenades and wait staff with casual food knowledge and big personalities. It is a comfortable establishment with decent food. After appetizers we were given a round of side salads which is my favorite thing about family style restaurants. Then a wondrous veal marsala with a side of mashed potatoes was delivered to my seat. It was an above average, nice, broth style dish. Everyone else’s entrées were of similar ranking. We finished the meal with a slice of tiramisu and a chocolate chip cannoli. The cannoli was ok and the tiramisu was good and light. All in all its better than most average Italian but not quite high-class: worth a visit if you’re in the area. My favorite thing: the delicious mussels!

Food: Seth 7.5 Ren 7.5 Food Average:  7.5 Above average Italian food with a lot of seafood influence. Great sauces, fresh food.

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 7.5 Ren 7 A bit of a Rat-Pack feel with the old-school decorations and vibe that permeates the place.

Service: Seth 7.5 Ren 7.5 Good average service. Plates were taken and the right
questions were asked. Not as knowledgeable as they could have been on their own menu

Total Average: 7.417 This had really good reviews and I think we only caught flashes of that for our trip. Maybe it needs another visit but it was hardly above average

One bad thing: Not much to put here. Perhaps our tables proximity to the servers station and the kitchen doors

Cafe Polonia – Polish Comfort

611 Dorchester Ave. South Boston, MA 02127 (617) 269-0110

*On Dorchester Ave, a block south of the Andrew T station

Seth & Ren, +2 guests

  • –Drinks–
  • Black Currant juice
  • Zywiec beer
  • Zywiec Porter
  • Sauvignon Blanc 
  • –Plates–
  • Bacon wrapped sea scallops
  • Smoked Salmon with Russian caviar
  • Breast of Duck w/ asparagus, potato medallions and cranberry sauce
  • Pierogi (half with blended meat, half potato and cheese) fried w/ caramelized onions
  • Pierogi (potato and cheese) fried w/ sour cream
  • Polish plate w/ Hunter’s stew, 3 pierogis, stuffed cabbage and grilled keilbasa
  • –Dessert–
  • Chocolate Babka cake filled with melted chocolate
  • $111.28 w/ tax ($20 in Drinks)

Ave Price/Person: $15-20 w/ Drinks: $20-25

Seth: A place Ren had been before and a cuisine we haven’t put here on this blog was enough to get us over to South Boston for some comfort style Polish food. We walked in to a small welcoming family owned looking place and were sat at some nice raw wood style bench tables. We took a look at the menu and John and I started with some Polish beers. For appetizers we got the smoked salmon with russian caviar that was really nice and some bacon wrapped scallops that I think had more bacon than scallop (though I wasn’t complaining). The bread we got before those came with a bacon fat spread that for any pork lover out there was a dream. For entrees, Makeda and John got the pierogis that I thought, from the bites I had were pretty nice. The caramelized onions added a little something. Ren had that duck that was done well but not outstanding. I was happiest with my own plate which was something of a sampler. It came with stuffed cabbage that had a nice creamy sauce on it, a few of my own pierogis and that grilled keilbasa that was phenomenal. I was completely full after, but we couldn’t very well leave without trying a dessert. We ordered on Chocolate Babka cake to split that was exceptionally rich. I think the girls had a bit more of it. The service was pretty average over all but I liked the atmosphere of the place. I would probably come back here again for that keilbasa and maybe to try out a few more of the traditional dishes. My favorite thing: The grilled keilbasa.

Ren: Best suited as a cold weather destination the hearty Polish fare from Café Polonia tempted us with promises of bacon butter and delicious perogies. I have been to this restaurant once before and found the food good enough to return with my brother and or significant others in tow for a review. The waiter immediately brought us bread with bacon butter: a promising start. We then ordered a round of drinks. I picked a Sauvignon Blanc which to my dismay the waiter replied with ‘which one was that’? (There only about eight wines on the menu). It seems to me with such a small selection he would at least know the types of wines, though to be fair I am sure they sell mostly beer here. We paired our round of drinks with an order of bacon wrapped scallops and salmon with caviar. I loved the scallops, with its crispy bacon shell, really how could you go wrong? The salmon and caviar were a little salty for me but my dining mates seemed to heartily enjoy the dish. For my entrée I chose the duck breast with asparagus, cranberry sauce, beets, and homemade thick cut potatoes chips. The chips were a little plain and the rest of the dish was fairly good tasting with no particular flair or stand out flavors. Our significant others ordered pierogis which were delicious. I was surprised by how sweet the cheese pierogis which were almost dessert like in flavor. If you  tend towards the savory I definitely suggest getting  meat or adding potatoes to the them. My Brother ordered a sampler dish which consisted of one of the most delicious items Café Polonia serves: kielbasa! Next time I go I will order this as my main dish and perhaps even the kielbasa appetizer which I recalled later was one of the more delicious experiences of my previous visit.  We finished the meal with their molten chocolate cake which even though I don’t have much of a sweet tooth was delicious and is a must for the end of any experience at this restaurant. My favorite thing: the kielbasa: to bad I only had a bite.

Food: Seth 7.5 Ren 7 Food Average: 7.25 Kielbasa stood out. The pierogis were pretty good. Most everything was average. Don’t get us wrong; we enjoyed the food but no real standouts

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 8 Ren 8 Cute little place. Copper pots on the walls and raw wood chairs. Feels like it could almost be some Polish mother’s kitchen.

Service: Seth 7 Ren 6.5 Our server meant well, but made a few mistakes including with our food and wasn’t sure what Ren meant when she said she wanted a Sauvignon Blanc!? Good attitude and was trying.

Total Average: 7.333 It’s the only Polish place I know of and I would recommend it. A good average cute place that’s worth a visit.

One bad thing: Perhaps the missteps with our pierogis. Makeda wanted the fried potato and cheese ones and she got the boiled cheese only ones first. Our server fixed it pretty quick though

Sweet Cheeks Q – Upscale BBQ

1381 Boylston St. Boston, MA 02215 (617) 266-1300

*In the Fenway area, a block from the intersections of Boylston St and Brookline Ave

Seth & Ren, + 3 guests

  • –Drinks–
  • Wolavers Brown Ale
  • Rogue Dead Guy
  • Peak Organic IPA
  • Rocky Top
  • –Plates–
  • Bucket of Biscuits w/ an extra
  • Hush Puppies (Fried batter)
  • Fat Cheeks Tray w/ Brisket, Pork Ribs and Pulled Pork
  • Pulled Chicken Tray
  • Brisket Tray
  • Pulled Pork Tray
  • $134.39 w/ tax ($30 in Drinks) 

Ave Price/Person: $18-25 w/ Drinks: $25-35

Seth: For something new we looked to do a BBQ place this week. We had been to Red Bones in Somerville before and thought to try something new. (In hindsight, we should have stuck with what we knew) Ren had a friend that worked here so in we came. It’s a nice looking restaurant and I like the long picnic-like tables. The options for food mostly were different tray options, with one, two or three meat choices, accompanied with two sides, tasty bread & butter pickles and a couple of slices of white bread. We started with the Bucket of biscuits and hush puppies. The biscuits were huge, tasty and came with this excellent honey butter. The hush puppies were the best I’ve had though I’ve only had these at two other places. I ordered the tray with one meat option choosing the pulled pork. I wanted the pork belly, but unfortunately, they were all out after a busier than expected lunch. I ordered the broccoli cheese casserole and coleslaw as sides. The pulled pork was moist and had a good smoky flavor to it. I tried it in a couple of their sauces which were quite good. The sides weren’t quite as nice. The casserole seemed to have been sitting too long and the flavors were far to lost in each other. I’m normally quite the coleslaw fan but was again disappointed. I’m not sure where they went wrong but they did. As far as our friends food it was a mixed bad as well. The Mac and cheese was enjoyed, as was the pork ribs and pulled chicken. Most everything else fell far short. The Brisket was almost inedible it was so dry and even their sauces couldn’t save it. The potato salad also missed the mark. One redeeming quality: A good whiskey and beer selection. As there a number of other BBQ places in the Boston area, ones cheaper and better, we will probably not be returning. Random famous person sighting: John Henry, the principal owner of the Red Sox, came in a few minutes before we left. My favorite thing: The biscuits with that scrumptious butter honey.

Ren: This week we headed over to former Top Chef star Tiffani Faison’s new BBQ hub: Sweet Cheeks Q. This joint also employs a friend of mine and as we hadn’t reviewed a BBQ place as of then we thought it would be a good option. With mixed emotions, just one word describes my experience: disappointed. While there were definitely items that teased my tasted buds there were several other that were inexcusably flavorless. The biscuits with honey butter and hush puppy appetizers were probably the most delicious items I tasted. In fact I would go so far as to say the hush puppies were probably the best I ever had. The beverage I selected was also a highlight of my evening, it was a delicious apple cider flavored drink garnished with a dried apple ring. For my entrée I ended up splitting the Fat Cheeks tray which contained a choice of three meats and two sides. We chose the pulled pork, brisket, and ribs (though pork belly would have been our first choice) with a side of mac&cheese and potato salad. The ribs, pulled pork, and mac&cheese were decent but not extremely flavorful. The brisket was dry and flavorless, (I have never had worse; which I know seems harsh but all my previous brisket experiences have been out of this world delectable) the potato salad was quite bland and the potatoes were too big. Perhaps these differentials in flavors is due to the fact that they recently opened their doors; in that light I may return in the far future to see if they’ve managed to work out the kinks. My favorite thing: The redeeming hush puppies.

Food: Seth 7 Ren 6 Food Ave: 6.5 There were some bright spots with the pulled pork, biscuits and the hush puppies, but for the price this food is not good enough.

Service: Seth 8 Ren 8 The waitress was attentive and had a few recommendations. Even as the place was busy she was around enough. Though the were out of pork belly, she checked for us when there would be more

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 8 Ren 7.5 Nicely done space with a touch of industrial look to it. The tables where kind of like large benches, giving it a little bit of a picnic like feel; complete with water in Mason jars and BBQ sauce containers being homey like.

Total Average: 7.416 Nice looking place but the food is just not worth the money.

One bad thing: The Brisket was criminally dry

Acitrón – Mexican Bistro

473 Massachusetts Ave. Arlington, MA 02474 (781) 777-2839

*In Arlington, near the intersection of Mass Ave and Rt 60

Seth & Ren, +1 guest

  • –Drinks–
  • Pitcher of Red Sangria
  • –Plates–
  • Elote (Grilled corn with cheese and a chipotle aioli)
  • Ceviche (Fresh Tilapia, with onions, mango, cilantro and lime juice)
  • Chiles Ancho de Camaron (Ancho pepper and jumbo shrimp topped with creamy chipotle and goat cheese sauce)
  • Fried talapia tacos w/ red cabbage, pico de gallo and chipotle sauce, and beans and rice
  • Grilled chicken with mole sauce and rice and beans
  • $93.36 w/ tax ($20.00 in drinks) Before a $30 Groupon.

Ave Price/Person: $15-25 w/ Drinks: $20-35

Seth: So, we realized that we hadn’t been to a Mexican place yet and thought we’d remedy that this week at Acitron. I’d picked up a groupon for this a few weeks ago and had it in mind for a bit. We had a reservation for 6:15 and were only the third table to be sat when we arrived. But by the time we were done eating the whole place was filled. We started out with the Ceviche and the grilled corn on the cob. The ceviche was fresh and delicious, with cilantro, sweet mango, red onions and lime juice. They used a tilapia which is firm and picked up the fresh flavors nicely. The grilled corn was really tasty! Grilled nicely, dusted with cheese and drizzled with a chipotle aioli I devoured two of them. All this we drank with a nice pitcher of red Sangria that worked out to about 2 glasses apiece. Next were the entrées. I had the grilled fish tacos. They were topped with a nice red cabbage and some chipotle sauce. It also came with a side of pico de gallo that complemented perfectly. The tacos were fresh, the fish nicely cooked and all together delicious. The beans and rice sides were tasty after I combined them. I had one of Ren’s shrimp. Yum! Cooked just right in a delicious sauce. Chipotle and goats cheese was so creamy and perfect. My friend Katie had the grilled chicken with the mole sauce. I’m not usually a mole sauce fan and the bite I had was super chocolate-y. She said she enjoyed it and took the leftovers home with her. Unfortunately as I was hosting a poker night we had to cut the meal a little shorter than normal. We skipped our dessert and once we waited to close out, were on our way. My favorite thing: I’ll have to take a tie between that fresh civiche and sweet delicious grilled corn.

Ren: This week we made a bit of a hike to Arlington to visit a Mexican Bistro by the name of Acitron. Figuring it was high time we added Mexican to our list of eateries and we thought it was the safest option for our dining partner this week who is sadly gluten intolerant. It was a satisfactory experience that was worth the 50 minute drive through traffic. Though I will have to agree with the yelp reviews on their service: average and lacking. The food however is an excellent fusion of Mexican and American. We started off with a pitcher of red sangria which was smooth, fruity, and pleased my taste buds. For appetizers we order the ceviche which was fresh and satisfying followed by elote which tops the charts as my second favorite corn on the cob I have had at a restaurant (Toro serves my favorite). For my entrée I ordered the Chiles Ancho de Camaron; delicious shrimp with a pepper and goat cheese sauce that came with a side of corn and mixed vegetables. I was very pleased with my choice of entrée; the sauce was a perfect pair to the shrimp and the flavor was a nice blend of cream and spice. I tried one of my brothers fish tacos which had an excellent flavor but didn’t blow me away. The sample bite of our guest’s chicken and mole sauce was delightfully chocolate-y. I would have definitely been interested in finishing with dinner off with another pitcher of sangria and a dessert but alas with had to leave due to later engagements. Our time constraints lead us to ask for the bill before we were done eating and yet it took until after we were done our food for the bill to arrive. Our guest also had a hard time getting a takeout container for her leftovers as the staff seemed uninterested in doing anything in a timely fashion once the dinner rush arrived. Despite the average service I would recommend this restaurant to anyone craving Mexican in the Arlington area. My favorite thing: The outstanding corn on the cob!

Food: Seth 8.5 Ren 8.5 Food Ave: 8.5 *Certified Dericious* Upscale Mexican food. Good dishes, good sides, great appetizers.

Service: Seth 7 Ren 6 Service started great. When the entrées were brought out though, one of them were incorrect. Also, after the dishes arrived our waiter wasn’t around at and it was a struggle to get the check and a box for the leftovers

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 8 Ren 8 Cute little place, with nice little bar area. Nicely done.

Total Average: 7.667 Great Mexican food, in a cute little restaurant, and only a bit of a misstep in the service at the end of the meal.

One bad thing: The service had a decline late in the meal with an incorrect dish brought and little to no attention.