Q Restaurant – Mongolian Hot Pot

660 Washington St. Boston, MA 02111

www.thequsa.com (857) 350-3968

*On Washington St, in Chinatown, between Essex and Beach St

Seth & Ren, +2 guests

  • –Drinks– 
  • Sapporo Draft x3
  • Diet Coke
  • BBC Draft x2
  • Tsing Tao
  • –Plates–
  • A split pot of Mongolian broth (spicy) and Mala broth
  • Udon noodles
  • Cellophane noodles
  • Oyster Mushrooms
  • Baby Boc Choy
  • Watercress
  • Fatty Short ribs
  • High choice Lamb
  • Squid
  • Crab Ragoon
  • Crazy sushi roll
  • Caterpillar roll
  • –Dessert–
  • Fried Vanilla ice-cream
  • $120.91 w/ tax ($37.00 in Drinks)

Ave Price/Person: $15-25 w/ Drinks: $20-40

Seth: This was my first whole meal at trying hot-pot and I like it! It’s a great concept and a good idea when you have a group dinner party. Our four people was perfect for this. We picked out two kinds of broth in a split pot and they put it on the conduction heater in the center of the table. We ordered three kinds of veggies, two kinds of noodles and three different meats for us all to share. You drop in different items and let them cook in the different flavorful broths. Then you have a sort of soy sauce that you add all sorts of extras to make your own dipping sauce. Garlic, hots, fish sauce, cilantro, etc. The meats are cut very thin and cook in seconds. The lamb and fatty short ribs were very nice and we got our veggies in nicely. Before the hot-pot we had some nice crispy crab ragoons and two sushi rolls that were traditional but delicious. The broth became more complex and tasty as the different meats and such cooked. I was quite full by the end. If we hadn’t had the sushi and appetizer another couple of meats and a veggie may have been in order. The servings were big and everything fresh. This is a very reasonably priced dinner. We closed it our with a vanilla fried ice-cream that for some reason they split in half before bringing it to the table. Kind of ruined some of the fun I think. My favorite thing: The delicious lamb.

Ren: Three words: Mongolian hot-pot! Where you can find it: The Q restaurant in Chinatown. For this weeks foodie delights we followed our noses to the aromatic smell of sizzling spices and herbs typically found in a traditional Mongolian hot-pot. Each table is fixed with a heated surface to keep the broth boiling(typically one or two choices involving type of meat broth and level of spice).  Before beginning the hot-pot adventure we selected two rolls of sushi (caterpillar and crazy), an order of crab rangoons, and several draft Sapporos to satiate our ravenous  appetites.  All were fresh and well prepared and once consumed I found my stomach much less inclined to complain. Thus we ventured into the world of hot-pot (my first experience) by choosing a mala broth split (one spicy; one regular). For ingredients we settled upon fatty short ribs, lamb, squid, watercress, bok choy, oyster mushrooms, udon noodles, and  cellophane noodles. All ingredients were served uncooked/raw on platters. We then used  chop sticks to dip the meat into the boiling water to cook to desired temp. The result: personalized cooking flavored with delicious spices which is then dipped into a sauce which we concocted to our exact specifications ( choice of garlic, fish paste, pepper sauce, chives, cilantro). It was like rich comfort food and the bonus was feeling incredibly healthy in the process. I probably shouldn’t give in 8.5 because we did most of the cooking but heck it was awesome and I highly recommend the experience I will definitely be returning. However, I advise against dessert as it seems to not be prepared fresh and the tiramisu was frozen. My favorite thing: The fatty short ribs that melted in my mouth; I could have eaten the whole plate to myself!!

Food: Seth 8 Ren 8.5 Food Average: 8.25 The sushi and ragoon’s were good and all the raw meat and veggies were delicious. Not a lot of preparation behind it so I’m remiss to give it a Certified Dericious.

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 7.5 Ren 8 Nice place. Pretty big. Nothing crazy.

Service: Seth 8.5 Ren 8.5 We had a fabulous server who was funny and involved. Even gave us some basic how-to’s on our first hot-pot experience. Gave good recommendations and cleaned up well as we went along.

Total Average: 8.167 Great first experience. Service was the winner here. Will try this again some time.

One bad thing: We ordered a Tiramisu but it came out frozen. Not really a dessert that should be kept in the freezer. I mentioned it to the server and he offered to take it off the bill, which was nice.


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