Toro – Spanish Tapas

1704 Washington St. Boston, MA 02118 (617) 536-4300

*A block from the intersection of Washington St and Mass. Ave, in the South End

Seth & Ren, +2 guests

  • –Drinks–
  • Papagallo
  • Ward 8
  • Malta
  • Ginger-ale & bitters
  • Tecate
  • Green Flash
  • ‘Gansett Porter
  • –Plates–
  • Máiz Asado (Grilled corn, with alioli, lime, espellette pepper and aged cheese)
  • Costilla de Buey (Kabayaki glazed beef short ribs with chilled farro, cucumbers, radish and hazelnuts)
  • Pato con Membrillo (Smoked duck drumettes with quince glaze)
  • Croquettas de Bacalao (Salt cod fritters with lemon rings and alioli)
  • Panza de Cerdo (Pork Belly with little neck clams and potatoes)
  • Anna’s Empanadas (Chicken and potato empanadas with salsa roja and alioli)
  • Queso de Cabra (Vermont goat cheese with pistachios and tomato honey)
  • Cangrejo (Jonah crab with piquillo peppers and tarragon) 
  • –No Dessert–
  • $137.58 w/ tax ($49 in Drinks)

Ave Price/Person: $20-35 w/ Drinks: $30-50

Editors note: We’re back! Sorry for the extended break. Some vacationing and delays in there. Hope you enjoy and we should be back to our every other week schedule.

Seth: I believe this is my third time back here. But our first time being able to share it one here. The four of us had come back from a day trip up to NH and arrived around 830. We were told 30 minutes and were sat in about 20. I love the feel and atmosphere in this place. It has a lot of character and everyone seems in a good mood. Hard not to be when eating delicious small plates among friends. We mulled over the menu while ordering our first round of drinks. I started with the Ward * which was a nice Rye whiskey based old school cocktail. We decided on 8 different plates to share with the first one arriving in minutes. There was pretty good spacing to start with no more than 2 plates overlapping at once. The Jonah crab arrived first. A pretty small but tasty bite atop a toasted piece of bread. The goats cheese and the empanadas arrived next. The cheese was deliciously rich and tangy and we spread it one some of the bread we gotten. The empanadas came with four which was good; I wouldn’t have wanted to share. The were really nicely done and dipped in that alioli. The short ribs and cod cakes followed. My piece of short rib may have been cooked a touch too much but had great flavor and I saw what their intent was. The cod cakes were awesome and were quickly a front-runner for my favorite thing. We had a bit of a gap after those. Whether the last things took longer to cook or the may have been a slip up with our order. One waitress came and asked us if we were still waiting after 15 minutes or so. It was another 5 or 10 after that before the corn arrived. All three times I’ve been here we’ve ordered these. I think it may be the first thing that people mention when they speak of this place. This grilled corn comes covered in an alioli with pepper, aged cheese and lime. Love these. Should have made it two orders. The pork belly and glazed duck drumettes came last. Any who’ve read this knows I love my pork belly and tonight I wasn’t let down. Cooked right and in a delicious potato based sauce with little neck clams in it. The duck had this quince glaze on it that was sweet and seemed caramelized a bit. They were a perfect last bite to the dinner. The richness was to the end and filled us all up nicely. My favorite thing: This one’s hard but I have to pick the corn.

Ren: A little intermission due to travel and commitments kept us away for a bit but now were back with a review on one of our favorite restaurants: Toro! We have been there two times prior to our review trip and loved it so much we definitely had to return with our significant other and a critiquing eye. Tapas style restaurants are a favorite of mine due to the drawn out dinner and ability to try at least eight dishes without stuffing yourself. We samples quite a variety starting off with crab meat, exquisite fish fritters, empanadas, goat cheese (how can you go wrong) , and finishing off with a crispy delight of pork belly, tender beef ribs, crispy incredible duck legs, and mind-blowing corn on the cob. Yes I did say mind-blowing. The parmesan pepper alioli that tops their corn on the cob in itself makes a trip here worth while…It might just be one of the few foods in this world I would never tire of. To be honest though there wasn’t one disappointing dish at this restaurant and every dish was rich, flavorful, and well prepared. It can be tempting to order everything on the menu but do try to limit it to two or three dishes per person. The food is rich and though the portions seem small it does fill you up especially if you stagger the dished which they usually do a good job at. They also made sure to keep bread on the table for dipping and the crumbs cleaned at the end so we didn’t have to linger with leftovers. There is also a good range of drinks from a basic Tacate to delicious bourbon with peach and lemon Papagallo your alcoholic palate is certain to be satisfied. Not to mention the atmosphere is light and loud with a rowdy selection of music, brick walls, low lights, and bubbling conversation.  There was a bit of a wait in between a few of our dished but for the most part I highly recommend this restaurant as an excellent experience. My favorite thing: the absolutely to die for corn!

Food: Seth 8.5 Ren 8.5 Food Average: 8.5 *Certified Dericious* Tasty, rich and delicious selection of Spanish style small plates. You’ll find things you suddenly never knew you always had to try!

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 8 Ren 8 Small to average size place. A nice bar and a huge metal sculpted Bull’s head (Hence the name) up on the back wall. A lot of atmosphere with a good lively feel to it. Not the music you would expect but appropriate.

Service: Seth 7.5 Ren 8 Good service throughout the night. Took the dirty plates pretty quickly. The was good spacing of our dishes until after the 5th, then there was 20 minute gap or so before the rest came.

Total Average: 8.083 Not our first, nor our last trip here. Great food and a nice spot to visit

One bad thing: Perhaps the long wait in the middle of the dishes


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