Tres Gatos – Local Tapas

 470 Centre St. Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 (617) 477-4851

*In Jamaica Plain, near the intersections of S. Huntington and Centre St

Seth & Ren

  • –Drinks–
  • Bottle of Juan Rojo Tempranillo wine 2006
  • –Plates–
  • Charcuterie plate w/ Lomo Serrano pork, Tetilla cow’s milk cheese, and Valdeón goat’s milk blue cheese
  • Albóndigas (chorizo-spiced pork meatballs, saffron cream, chimichurri)
  • Heritage Pork Belly w/ turnip puree, pork jus, harissa spices
  • Grilled Lamb’s tongue (!) w/ Four Star Farms’ grits, 6-minute egg, turmeric
  • Grilled Bavette Steak w/  charred radicchio, Cabrales blue cheese, and Spanish cider
  • Extra Grilled bread
  • –Dessert–
  • Churros and chocolate
  • $139.10 w/ tax ($59.00 in Drinks)

Ave Price/Person: $25-45 w/ Drinks: $30-70

Seth: Love this new local joint. They just recently celebrated their one year and this is probably my fifth trip here. It was just Ren and I this week and we were looking forward to delicious small plates and a good bottle of wine. We arrived a few minutes after our 8pm reservation (which are recommended, especially weekends) and were promptly sat near the window at a high-top. We looked over the menu, as it changes every couple of months and saw some old favorites and a few new things. We discussed the wine list among ourselves and with the waitress and settled on a nice bottle of red Tempranillo. It had an excellent richness and earthiness to it and paired with the food to follow just right. We ordered a charcuterie plate with two cheeses and four small plates. The cured ham, cow’s cheese, and goat’s blue cheese came with little pieces of bread and some raw honey. They were all very nice with the blue cheese stealing the show. Next came the Albóndigas: a nice little meatball with a saffron cream and a chimichurri. After that was the pork belly sitting on a turnip puree. Pork belly is one of my favorite things ever and each time is different. This version is a little meatier and firmer than others but no less delicious. The skin on top was crispy and the fat, flavorful and melted in my mouth. Then it was the grilled lamb’s tongue with grits and a 6-minute egg. I’ve had cow’s tongue before and the texture has been distracting but the tenderness was perfect with this. It is a particular flavor in itself but with the grits and eggs in one bite the overall flavor was really, really good. Still a little hungry at this point we added some more grilled toast and the grilled Bavette steak. Cooked really well and accompanied with a very strong flavored radicchio a little blue cheese and some cider. This was just enough food but we can’t do without a dessert. Ren snuck in an order of Churros and melted chocolate. A great little Spanish dessert capped of an awesome dinner with a sweet finish. If you live within travel distance and haven’t been here yet, you really need to. My favorite thing: The pork belly

Ren:  To fill our hungry bellies we didn’t need to travel far; for just a stones throw away three cats awaited to meet our every foodie desire. Tres Gatos of Jamaica Plain gladly hosted me and Seth this week. It was my fourth visit here and most certainly won’t be my last. I definitely suggest this place for a romantic night or a social gathering. It has a cozy atmosphere, small dining room, eclectic art, and even a book store in the back. Our host for the evening was a familiar face and had been our waitress on our last two visits. She started off our evening with an excellent wine suggestion that was creamy, full flavored, and paired superbly to our meal. Next we had several choices from the charcuterie my favorite being the flavorful Valdeon goats milk cheese. After the charcuterie we journeyed through Spain in flavor with pork belly, chorizo, lamb tongue, and tender bavette steak. All were simply fabulous and noteworthy. It was my first experience with lamb tongue and won’t be my last. It was extremely tender with a very interesting texture. At the end when Seth ducked away I snuck in a tasty treat of churros and melted chocolate. All in all one of my favorite restaurants to visit and my only complaint would be that I’d like to see our plates for eating changed at least once during the meal. My favorite thing: The surprisingly textured lamb tongue

Food: Seth 8.5 Ren 8.5 Food Ave: 8.5 *Certified Dericious* Delicious, ever-changing, original small plates. Great wine selection.

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 8 Ren 8 Very cute little place. Really nice decor and has a hidden gem with a little well-kept book and music store in the back

Service: Seth 8 Ren 8 Nice service with good wine recommendations and is attentive and  friendly. Would have liked our extra plates changed, but not a big thing

Total Average: 8.167 Love this little local place and have never failed to be impressed. Awesome food, great service and a warm and welcoming spot.

One bad thing: The extra plates being left too long

**EDITORS NOTE** Starting after this review we will temporarily be moving to a bi-weekly format. This may last a few months and we’ll keep you updated. Some of the off weeks we will be cooking special recipes and may include a blurb about them on here. Thanks for following us so far and hope you continue to enjoy and Eat Well!


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