Acitrón – Mexican Bistro

473 Massachusetts Ave. Arlington, MA 02474 (781) 777-2839

*In Arlington, near the intersection of Mass Ave and Rt 60

Seth & Ren, +1 guest

  • –Drinks–
  • Pitcher of Red Sangria
  • –Plates–
  • Elote (Grilled corn with cheese and a chipotle aioli)
  • Ceviche (Fresh Tilapia, with onions, mango, cilantro and lime juice)
  • Chiles Ancho de Camaron (Ancho pepper and jumbo shrimp topped with creamy chipotle and goat cheese sauce)
  • Fried talapia tacos w/ red cabbage, pico de gallo and chipotle sauce, and beans and rice
  • Grilled chicken with mole sauce and rice and beans
  • $93.36 w/ tax ($20.00 in drinks) Before a $30 Groupon.

Ave Price/Person: $15-25 w/ Drinks: $20-35

Seth: So, we realized that we hadn’t been to a Mexican place yet and thought we’d remedy that this week at Acitron. I’d picked up a groupon for this a few weeks ago and had it in mind for a bit. We had a reservation for 6:15 and were only the third table to be sat when we arrived. But by the time we were done eating the whole place was filled. We started out with the Ceviche and the grilled corn on the cob. The ceviche was fresh and delicious, with cilantro, sweet mango, red onions and lime juice. They used a tilapia which is firm and picked up the fresh flavors nicely. The grilled corn was really tasty! Grilled nicely, dusted with cheese and drizzled with a chipotle aioli I devoured two of them. All this we drank with a nice pitcher of red Sangria that worked out to about 2 glasses apiece. Next were the entrées. I had the grilled fish tacos. They were topped with a nice red cabbage and some chipotle sauce. It also came with a side of pico de gallo that complemented perfectly. The tacos were fresh, the fish nicely cooked and all together delicious. The beans and rice sides were tasty after I combined them. I had one of Ren’s shrimp. Yum! Cooked just right in a delicious sauce. Chipotle and goats cheese was so creamy and perfect. My friend Katie had the grilled chicken with the mole sauce. I’m not usually a mole sauce fan and the bite I had was super chocolate-y. She said she enjoyed it and took the leftovers home with her. Unfortunately as I was hosting a poker night we had to cut the meal a little shorter than normal. We skipped our dessert and once we waited to close out, were on our way. My favorite thing: I’ll have to take a tie between that fresh civiche and sweet delicious grilled corn.

Ren: This week we made a bit of a hike to Arlington to visit a Mexican Bistro by the name of Acitron. Figuring it was high time we added Mexican to our list of eateries and we thought it was the safest option for our dining partner this week who is sadly gluten intolerant. It was a satisfactory experience that was worth the 50 minute drive through traffic. Though I will have to agree with the yelp reviews on their service: average and lacking. The food however is an excellent fusion of Mexican and American. We started off with a pitcher of red sangria which was smooth, fruity, and pleased my taste buds. For appetizers we order the ceviche which was fresh and satisfying followed by elote which tops the charts as my second favorite corn on the cob I have had at a restaurant (Toro serves my favorite). For my entrée I ordered the Chiles Ancho de Camaron; delicious shrimp with a pepper and goat cheese sauce that came with a side of corn and mixed vegetables. I was very pleased with my choice of entrée; the sauce was a perfect pair to the shrimp and the flavor was a nice blend of cream and spice. I tried one of my brothers fish tacos which had an excellent flavor but didn’t blow me away. The sample bite of our guest’s chicken and mole sauce was delightfully chocolate-y. I would have definitely been interested in finishing with dinner off with another pitcher of sangria and a dessert but alas with had to leave due to later engagements. Our time constraints lead us to ask for the bill before we were done eating and yet it took until after we were done our food for the bill to arrive. Our guest also had a hard time getting a takeout container for her leftovers as the staff seemed uninterested in doing anything in a timely fashion once the dinner rush arrived. Despite the average service I would recommend this restaurant to anyone craving Mexican in the Arlington area. My favorite thing: The outstanding corn on the cob!

Food: Seth 8.5 Ren 8.5 Food Ave: 8.5 *Certified Dericious* Upscale Mexican food. Good dishes, good sides, great appetizers.

Service: Seth 7 Ren 6 Service started great. When the entrées were brought out though, one of them were incorrect. Also, after the dishes arrived our waiter wasn’t around at and it was a struggle to get the check and a box for the leftovers

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 8 Ren 8 Cute little place, with nice little bar area. Nicely done.

Total Average: 7.667 Great Mexican food, in a cute little restaurant, and only a bit of a misstep in the service at the end of the meal.

One bad thing: The service had a decline late in the meal with an incorrect dish brought and little to no attention.


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