Putterham Grille – Greek Grub

1012 W. Roxbury Parkway. Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

www.putterhamgrille.com (617) 327-2202

*In Chestnut Hill, near the Putterham circle

Seth & Ren, +3 guests

  • –Drinks– 
  • Anchor Steam
  • Anchor Steam Porter x2
  • Pale Ale Organic
  • Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc x2
  • Pinot Noir Bonterra
  • –Plates–
  • Grape Leaves
  • Spinach & Artichoke Dip
  • Chicken Marsala
  • Veal Marsala
  • Grilled Salmon w/ mashed potatoes and asparagus
  • Lamb Kebab w/ rice pilaf x2
  • –Desserts–
  • Baklava
  • Grapenut pudding
  • $171.32 w/ tax ($44.00 in drinks) Before a $40 Groupon

Ave. Price/Person: $25-40 w/ Drinks: $30-50

Seth:  A few weeks ago I came across a Groupon for a Greek grille in Chestnut Hill. We hadn’t done Greek food for the blog yet, and the reviews online were pretty good so off we went. First walking into the place didn’t really impress. It’s a pretty odd decor. The art on the walls is nice but is seems everything else was sort of thrown together. Not a lot of continuity in the color scheme. The menu has some good options so we ordered the two appetizers to start. I really enjoyed the spinach & artichoke dip. It was nice and creamy, with a strong spinach flavor to it. It came with a sort of pita bread and some chips; both nice. The Grape leaves were pretty big and came with 4 of them. The were nicely seasoned and cooked right. This is where the service started to go awry. Our waiter never took our appetizer plates away. She came to the table not twice, but three separate times with them sitting there. We ended up stacking them all together and putting them to the side of table to elicit some response. A few minutes later, it was actually another waiter that noticed them, apologized and took them away. Entrées were next and my lamb kebab didn’t disappoint. John got the same plate but wasn’t as happy. Not sure if it was a separate batch or just different tastes. My lamb was cooked nicely and well seasoned. I also had bites of Ren’s Veal Marsala, which was incredible, and Makeda’s Chicken Marsala, which I thought was just as nice. The only disappointment I had with the entrées was my brothers grilled salmon. While the seasoning was nice, it was just a little too well cooked and came off dry. His asparagus and potatoes that came with were at least nice. I had a nice beer to start the dinner and the Pinot Noir with my meal accompanied it perfectly. We closed out the meal with a couple of desserts. The Baklava was perfectly crispy and sweet and the Grapenut pudding was like a flan consistency but a pudding sweet taste. The waitress was a bit off on this round too, when we ordered the two desserts to share she brought us all large bowls. (?) We sent them back to only have another waiter bring us all small plates and an all new sets of utensils. The service started weird and ended the same. I enjoyed the food over all and may give this place another change but they didn’t do themselves service with that first impression. My favorite thing: The bites of Veal Marsala I had

Ren: After a sorrowful weeks absence from our blogging escapades I am glad to be back and reporting on our dining adventures. This week we made a short drive to Putterham Grill in Chestnut Hill; a Greek/American fusion. I was a little thrown off by the deli that was to our right walking into the restaurant. I think it should be a separate room and took away from the atmosphere. The artwork from local artisans displayed on the wall redeemed the atmosphere just a bit. Let’s just say if I go here again I will probably only get take-out. The food was, on a whole, average though my particular dish was one of the most delicious and creamy veal marsala I have ever had.  My brother Alex got the salmon which was over cooked and the lamb kebab ordered by Seth and John was a little under seasoned. I also enjoyed the spinach artichoke dip we had for an appetizer and the well made baklava we had for dessert. On a side note I will have to say our waitress was clearly very new to the industry and made a few classic mistakes. She failed to clear the dirty dishes off our table, though we asked her to, seemed to forget to check up on us, mispronounced a menu item, and presented us with bowls for our dessert which were clearly unneeded. It seemed like the other wait staff were a bit more competent so I am reluctant to judge the service here just on her lack of skills. I think the food here is definitely worth a try but don’t bank on an excellent experience. My Favorite thing: the delightfully flavorful veal marsala.

Food: Seth 8 Ren 7 Food Ave: 7.5 Pretty good food. A few missteps with the Salmon being a little over cooked among other things

Service: Seth 6 Ren 4 This wasn’t very good service. The waitress was apparently brand new and showed it a bit too much. Empty plates were left for way too long. Splitting the check was a bit much of a challenge for it at the end of the meal, and not too much great between those things

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 7 Ren 5.5 The art on the walls for sale was nice, and we like the light fixtures, but that’s about it. This place just seemed off. Poor color combinations and an odd layout to the tables

Total Average: 6.250 There were good food items here and the waitress may have been a bad blip in the way of service for the whole restaurant. I wouldn’t mind trying the food again here sometime, as long as we are waited on by somebody else.

One bad thing: The service, and the overcooked salmon


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