Cuchi Cuchi – International Tapas

795 Main St. Cambridge, MA 02130 (617) 864-2929

*A block before Main St meets Mass Ave in Central Sq

Seth & Ren, + 3 guests

  • Drinks
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Ricky Ricardo
  • Pimm’s Cup
  • Orient Express
  • Let me Entertain you
  • Ali Cat
  • Blood Orange Sidecar
  • Raspberry Beret
  • Plates
  • Fruits De Mer (seafood, cream sauce, puff pastry…yum)
  • 3 Savory Cornets w/ Tuna tartare and Avocado Mousse
  • St. Jacob’s Zucchini (Deep-fried w/ Serrano ham & Manchego)
  • Potato Croquettes w/ two dipping sauces
  • Mexican Deep-fried Tomato w/ pico de gallo
  • Brie en Croûte w/ walnuts and bacon in a puff pastry
  • Grilled Skirt Steak w/ Chimichurri sauce
  • Baby Back Ribs w/ Apple Fritters (!!!)
  • Cuban Cigar (Beef short ribs wrapped in dough)
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Fried Artichoke Hearts filled w/ gorgonzola, pistachios and basil
  • Desserts
  • Cornucopia (Pizzelle cone filled w/ fresh fruit, fruit kissel and whipped cream
  • French Banana Bread Extravaganza!
  • $303.88 w/tax ($107.00 in Drinks!)

Seth: I love small plates. What could be better than getting a taste of ten different awesome dishes. When we go out to eat we tend to share most everything as it is, but this type of restaurant allows for a couple bites of many different rich and tasty dishes. We actually got eleven plates, two desserts and two cocktails apiece. All of them were better than the last. The timing of dishes was perfect as no more than three dishes were on the table at once. The Fruits de Mer was a newer dish, which after trying out, we were asked what we thought and if it should be a permanent item. It was a puff pastry bowl filled with a brandy cream sauce and perfectly cooked selection of seafood. From shrimp and scallops to lobster and snow crab; all delicious. The baby back ribs were cooked perfectly and were paired with cooked apple fritters that reminded my a little of fried dough and even had a dusting of powdered sugar on them. The tuna tartare was really nice and their presentation (pictured right) was spot on. The Cuban Cigar (one of my selections) was like nothing I’ve had before. Beef short ribs, cooked nicely, wrapped in a tasty dough, accompanied with a black bean salsa; another item I’ll have to be back to try again. The Beef Stroganoff was like what you’ve had before, just better. All the dishes we tried were just awesome. Some I’ll definitely try again. After the plates came the desserts. Now this brings a whole new argument to the table. While the Cornucopia was nice, with delicious fresh fruit, the French Banana Bread Extravaganza could make a case for the best dish of the night. If for nothing else at all, come here and get a nice cocktail and have this dessert. I can’t even justify it with words. It was just really well done and perfectly executed. My girlfriend missed out on this dinner tonight and I will now have to remedy the situation shortly on one of our upcoming date nights. My Favorite thing: Obviously the aforementioned dessert. For the plates, I’ll have to go with the  Baby Back ribs.

Ren:  This weeks culinary journey lead us to Cuchi Cuchi; a seemingly Moulin Rouge inspired restaurant to my great surprise and delight. Simply put: this was by far one of my favorite restaurants to date. Walking into the restaurant we were greeted by a burlesque inspired host complete with a feather in her hair and a very friendly attitude. The décor was extravagant and elegant at the same time complete with gauze covered mirrors, antique chairs, risqué French art, and a little bedazzle flair. Between the five of us we chose eleven mouth-watering dishes that were beautiful prepared, succulent and rich, and the table delivery was very well spaced out. I chose the apple cider braised baby back ribs with apple turnovers and the potato croquettes (pictured left) with cheese and tomato dipping sauces. The ribs literally fell off the bone and melted in my mouth not to mention the turnovers reminded me a little of fried dough. None of our dinner choices were a disappointment; everything was incredibly delicious. Their muddled cocktails I ordered were very delightful and tasty as were the other drinks ordered at the table. The waitress was evidently fairly new to Cuchi Cuchi and made a few minor mistakes; however her personality and poise more than made up for her slip-ups. I can’t wait to return here as soon as possible for My favorite thing: the mouth-watering baby back ribs paired with a cocktail from their extensive drink menu.

Ave Price/Person: $35-50 w/ Drinks: $45-65

Food: Seth 8.5 Ren 9 Food Ave: 8.75 *Certified Dericious*  Delicious and varied food from all over the world

Service: Seth 8.5 Ren 8  A very accompanying waitress, who made some great suggestions and was there when we needed her. Cutely dressed in a flappers attire which tied nicely with the decor.

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 9 Ren 9.5 Such a cute, eclectic, well done place. Some may say it’s a little over the top or garish but I think the whole thing is done well. (Including some occasional bedazzling)

Total: 8.750 One of the best so far. Well rounded and tasty!

One bad thing: Our waters were empty a couple of times


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