Blue Nile – Ethiopian Cuisine

389 Centre St. Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

No website. Menu Here (617) 522-6453

*In JP, on Centre St near the “rotary”

Seth & Ren, +1 guest

  • Samuel Adams x3
  • Glass of Malbec
  • Glass of Cabernet
  • Sambosa
  • Azefa (Lentil salad)
  • Centre St Combination w/ Kifto (seasoned beef with chili powder), Tibs (sauteed beef w/ onions and seasoning), Key Wet (seasoned slow-cooked chicken) and Tikil Gommon (cabbage, onion and tomatoes with spices)
  • Siga Wet (tender beef in berbere sauce)
  • Coffee x3
  • $64.84 w/ tax ($30.25 in drinks)

Seth: So this was my 2nd time getting Ethiopian food and it confirmed what I thought the first time; that this food is different than what most are used to (you get to eat everything with your hands!) but delicious. We ordered two appetizers; starting with the sambosa. For people familiar with this dish under slightly different names (e.g. samosa) this Indian, Northern African, Middle Eastern food is good even without meat. This version had lentils and seasoned spinach in it (Yum!). The thin dough on the outside was fried to crispy perfection. If I had room after this whole meal I would have ordered another round of these. The Azefa was really good. More than I expected really. It came with a side of injera (ethiopian bread. More on that later) which was a great combo. It tasted a little like there was some mustard in it with the spices that were used. With a nice creaminess and tartness to it, this was a great complement to the sambosa and a good start to the meal. The combination came next and all on one platter. This is where it gets good. All the food is on the platter, on top of the injera bread (as you can see on the right). You’re also given extra bread on the side, and this is what you eat with. Tear off a piece of the bread, scoop up whatever combo of goodies in front of you will fit into it and enjoy. This can get a little messy at times but you’d be surprised how, with a little finesse, you can master it in no time. The injera the food’s sitting on gets soaked up with the juices and is just awesome. Three of us could not finish the platter. I liked the kifto a lot. It had a strong hearty spice to it that cleared the sinuses nicely and brought up the lentils perfectly. We closed out with a few coffees and talked about the meal for a little bit while enjoying the lingering incense. My favorite thing: That spicy, tender kifto.

Ren: Dust off your safari hat and take and take a ride down the Nile for some delectable Ethiopian or just take a walk down the street to the Blue Nile in Jamaica Plain. Our delight in ethnic food brought us to this cozy, authentic restaurant this week. This is the first time I have been to an Ethiopian restaurant and I would have to say I am very pleased to have found another region of food to explore. We went with sambosas and lentils for our appetizers paired with injera: a traditional Ethiopian bread that is light, fluffy, flat, and highly addictive. For our entrées we had a platter with injera as the base then topped with steak (onions & green peppers), Kitfo, cabbage, more lentils, and another beef dish called Tibs. The cabbage was one of my favorite parts of the entrée platter. I absolutely loved eating my whole meal by ripping up pieces of the injera in order to pick up each tasty morsel. Pair that with $3.50 Sam Adams and you have the recipe for a very enjoyable evening. I would suggest this place for a get together with a group of friends or fun date. My favorite thing: The wonderful sambosas and the injera.

Ave Price/Person: $10-20 w/ Drinks: $15-25

Food: Seth 8 Ren 7.5 Food Ave: 7.75 Unique and well done food. Worth a try for the experience.

Service: Seth 7.5 Ren 7 The servers were polite and helped out when we asked a few questions. Nothing really special but did nothing wrong either.

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 8 Ren 7.5 A cute little place. Sits maybe 15-20 people. Regional art on the walls. Near the end of our meal someone ordered a special drink and incense was lit up and brought a nice element to the place.

Total: 7.583 Good food. Good experience. Nice and local.

One bad thing: The liga tibs was a little overcooked. Beer and wine, but no liquor.


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