Bella Luna – Local Lounge

284 Amory St. Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 (617) 524-6060

*Next to the Sam Adams Brewery complex near Stony Brook

Seth & Ren, +3 guests

  • Sam Adams Brick Red x3
  • Miller High Life
  • Apple cider martini
  • Gypsy Rose (cocktail)
  • Harpoon IPA
  • Heineken
  • Curry Deviled Eggs
  • Mussels in a Thai curry, coconut milk sauce
  • Fried Calamari w/ a spicy chipotle aioli batter
  • Jambalaya with chicken, shrimp and spicy andouille
  • Brewmaster Steak w/ mashed potatoes, beer-braised swiss chard & balsamic glaze
  • Key West Chicken sandwich w/ avocado & mango salsa
  • Roasted Squash Ravioli
  • Diedre Delux white pizza
  • $160.64 ($51.50 in drinks) Had a $60 groupon today

Seth: What a great local place. This is less than a ten minute walk from our apartment and we’ve been patrons here for some time. There are some great bartenders that we know by name and the first Thursday of every month they have live band karaoke! I’ve enjoyed the food every time I’ve eaten here and this time was no exception. The appetizers were a great start. Some of the better fried calamari I’ve had in some time and the sauce the mussels were in was a perfect accompaniment. We even had to ask for some extra bread to mop it up. Never had curry in a deviled egg but you’ll have to try them. I got the Jambalaya and it didn’t disappoint. Though the chicken was a little over cooked the sausage and shrimp were perfect. I had bites of the steak, which was incredible with its balsamic glaze, the Ravioli (made locally btw), perfectly rich and tasty; and the pizza, which this place consistently does very well. They have quite a few pizza options. I highly recommend trying some of them out. No room for dessert this time as we were all filled to the brim and had to pack some up to take home. My Favorite Thing: It’s got to be a tie between those mussels and the calamari.

Ren: I have been to Bella Luna numerous times and really enjoy the bartenders as well as the clientele. This is the first time however I have gone here for dinner. It was definitely an excellent choice and I was very impressed with the food quality while the atmosphere is distinctly a lounge/bar. Their calamari was a little spicier than I normally like but it was done with a savory, creamy flare that teased my taste buds. The drinks I had were spectacular, especially the apple cider martini with sugar on the rim; a perfect fall concoction. I was very satisfied with my dinner selection: Brewmaster Steak w/ mashed potatoes, beer-braised swiss chard & balsamic glaze. The steak was juicy, tender, cooked to perfection, and simply wonderful with the balsamic vinegar. I have been discovering lately how much I love balsamic vinegar; it add such a delightfully rich sweetness to dishes. Dipping the steak into the creamy mashed potatoes was just the top moment of my evening; simply heavenly. The only downside was the swiss chard; while it had some good flavor it was sadly a little over cooked. I snagged one of the squash ravioli from my friends bowl and I was very surprised with the balanced flavor it wasn’t too sweet and the squash didn’t take over the flavor. I am a big fan of the ravioli being local made as well. My favorite thing: The savory brewmaster steak w/ vinegar glaze!

Ave Price/Person: $15-25 w/ Drinks: $20-30

Food: Seth 8 Ren 8 Food Ave: 8 Pretty good food overall. A few errors with some dishes but a generally great selection. Love the Pizza. 

Service: Seth 7.5 Ren 6 Got the basics right but with nothing extra. There were long gaps between visits to check on things or to take away dishes. Nice and helpful when asked though.

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 7.5 Ren 6 For those who remember this restaurant/lounges old location this is a nicer place. I miss the old one but they did class up the joint after the move. I like the touch with the customized plates on the table.

Total: 7.166

One Bad Thing: Little food errors. The swiss chard with the steak and the chicken in the Jambalaya were a little overcooked and there was a bit too much oil with the Ravioli.


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