Blarney Stone – Gastro Pub

1505 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester, MA 02122 (617) 436-8223

*On Dorchester Ave, near Fields Corner T stop

Seth and Ren, +2 guests

  • Cape Codder (vodka/cranberry)
  • Dogfish Head IPA  x5
  • Chivas Regal 12 yr
  • Blue Moon  x2
  • Lobster and Avocado tacos
  • Fried Oysters w/ a goat cheese aioli
  • Steak Frites w/ shoestring fries and truffle oil
  • Goat cheese and Pumpkin Ravioli
  • $119.85 w/ tax ($55 in drinks)
Seth: I’ve been here a few times after work for drinks since it’s so close, but never before for dinner. This is a bit of a high-end pub if you will. A long bar but then plenty of booths and tables arranged nicely. It looked like there was a good amount of the after work crowd here as we came on a Friday around 530. As you can see above, we started with a few drinks and moved on to the food. The tacos were well executed. Like a fish taco but with that distinct lobster flavor. The oysters were cooked just right and sat on a bed of some sort of pumpkin and other veggie slaw. The steak was cooked perfectly medium rare and really delicious. Everyone does steak frites, so if you’re going to serve them, make sure you do them right. Well done here. Ravioli’s were also quite scrumptious. The pumpkin flavor stood out in a nice way. We split everything above and just about filled us all. My favorite thing: The Steak Frites. Cooked just right!
Ren: I would say this place is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area. The service was dependable but nothing out of the ordinary. Though I was very happy she kept the table clear of dirty dishes. The food was a treat for my taste buds. Though I was slightly disappointed that the steak on the steak frites was lukewarm and the butter was cold. They should have put the butter on as soon as the steak finished cooking to allow it to melt onto the dish. The feel of the place was unique and I especially like the exposed brick and cushioned booths. My favorite thing: The fried oysters with goat cheese sauce. Rich and well prepared.
Ave Price/Person: 15-25$ w/ Drinks: 20-30$
Food: Seth 8 Ren 7 Food Ave: 7.5 Pretty good food all round. Some original use of ingredients and creative ideas.
Service: Seth 8 Ren 8 The waitress was nice and did as expected. Came whenever there was an empty drink, and took dishes as they were emptied.
Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 7.5 Ren 6.5 The seats were nice. The ceiling had the minimalist/warehouse look to it. A pretty nice bar and the bathrooms were clean. The place wasn’t too loud and there was music in the background. A mostly after work crowd when we were there.
Total: 7.5 Good place to go if you’re in the area. Well worth a visit.
One bad thing: The steak had cooled a bit too much before arriving which in turn made the delicious blue cheese on top not melt as much as it should.
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