FuGaKyu – Stylish Sushi

1280 Beacon St. Brookline, MA 02446

www.fugakyu.net  1-617-734-1268

*Near Harvard St and Coolidge Corner

Seth:  I love sushi. I think I would eat it once a week if there wasn’t so much other good food and so few hours in the day. This place takes a firm spot in my top 5 sushi places around town. The restaurant is gorgeous inside! A great place to take a date or a business meeting. It does get busy, so if you plan on going during peak hours or on weekends, you may want to call in a reservation. Really fresh and delicious. We shared 4 rolls, a few pieces of sashimi and an appetizer. My favorite: the Toro(fatty tuna), which is near the end of its season.

Ren: Upon stepping through the door of this establishment it didn’t feel like I was in Brookline. The feel is distinctively Asian from the bamboo to a clip of falling cherry blossoms projected on the wall as if you were looking out the window and seeing this peaceful scene. The service we received was to the point and the sushi simply melted in my mouth. I got the chance to try sea urchin for the first time it was quite an experience. The scorpion bowl for two was strong and delicious. They do have a full bar for those with tastes that are not so liquor filled. I will definitely come back here but next time I will make sure to reserve one of the private booths.

Ave Price/Person: 30-40$, w/ drinks: 40-60$

Food: Seth 8.5 Ren 8 Excellent presentation. Delicious and fresh.

Service: Seth 7 Ren 6 Good service, nothing exceptional. Was nice that they found a candle and put it in the dessert when we asked for it. It was our younger brothers birthday dinner.

Decor/Atmosphere: Seth 8.5 Ren 9.5 Really unique and well-kept place. They have individual private booths (with sliding partitions) that you can reserve. (Try this!) A nice Koi pond near the entrance and well-kept restaurant.

Total: 7.916 Well rounded and worth a visit.

Editors note: As this is our official first review, we’d love to have some feedback. What would you like to see on here that’s not? Any suggestions on what’s here? I hope you enjoy this and try some of the places out. See you next week.


One thought on “FuGaKyu – Stylish Sushi

  1. Loving it, folks! Maybe a ‘best’ and ‘worst’ category

    ‘best’: best food presentation ever! The plates were beautiful!
    worst: bathrooms were not clean

    Also, it would be pretty awesome if you two took a picture together (eating, or in front of the place, or whatever you want!) at each of the restaurants!

    Keep up the awesome work!

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