Here we are at last!

Everyone loves a good meal. Especially one prepared for you. Problem is we often get stuck going to the same favorite restaurant over and over again in order to prevent disappointment. All of us secretly long for the virgin feeling of going to a new restaurant with an exciting menu where every bite you take simply melts in your mouth.
Yet time and again we’re faced with the bitter disappointment of yet another mediocre meal when we venture from our norm. This is why we made a plan to search out only the most dericious of places to eat so that we could re-visit that excitement of finding a new perfect restaurant over and over.
Ren and I have been trying to do this weekly since April of this year. Each week we work out a place to go based off of past recommendations or digging through yelp reviews.
Each week, without fail, we have found places that have been gastronomical adventures and thus far, have recanted the experience with excitement and remembrance of particular dishes to anyone who would listen. (The pork belly duck confit at Deep Ellum…the grilled corn at Toro’s!!!) Friends, family, and the waiters from the restaurants we’re eating at have all told us the same thing: Share these tales!
It dawned on us that our efforts to seek out the dericious could be of benefit to the masses. Slowly we’ve begun to build an immense list of places to go, and we’d like to share each of those experiences with you. We’ve realized that most reviews for restaurants out there are minimal at best. Between Ren’s restaurant experience and my excellent taste we can offer a well-rounded view of each restaurant so that when you’re looking for a new place to go you know exactly where to go to tantalize those taste buds and experience an evening you’ll want to repeat again and again.
So here we are. We’ve started a blog. This is our introduction. We will try to follow-up with one new review a week. I hope you enjoy it.
We say it’s dericious. I hope you will too!


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2 thoughts on “Here we are at last!

  1. So glad to see some local guys do local reviews. Please do give up the details–from the industry underbelly and the conversations with staff. Somehow, food tastes even better when I know for sure where it comes from and who my dollars really support. Thanks!

    • Hi, I’m glad you liked it. This is the culmination of months of eating out and exploring new places then wanting to share it. Thanks for the tips, I’m hoping to continue finding my voice on here a bit more as I go and figure out just what I want to tell about a place. Keep up the good work on the #ows coverage. I have a lot of fellow veteran friends working with the Boston chapter.

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